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A downloadable game for Windows

Light Well Fountain

A platformer where you switch worlds on jump. Find the missing objects and restore the balance. Find your heart <3

Made by : Simon Bothén(@caresilabs) and Sebastian Lind(@Elastiskalinjen)

#GMTKJam 2017
(Made in less than 48 hours)


  • WASD: Move
  • Single Space: Jump & Switch worlds
  • Hold Space: High jump and glide in air
  • E: Interact
  • R: Respawn from latest checkpoint


V1.1: Fixed bug where you would fall endlessly without dying...


Light Well (38 MB)


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I absolutely love the gameplay mechanic of jumping between dimensions, it was super cool and actually a little challenging which I enjoyed! Great game!

Link for those that want a laugh -

This really awesome, fun to see that our game jam idea is appriciated! Thanks man!